Featured Event

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture – February 15, 2018

Living on the Edge, San Bernardino Kangaroo Rats and Fire, Floods, and Development with Geary Hund, U.S. Fish and Wildlife The endangered San Bernardino kangaroo rat, like its namesake hops on its hind legs and it has two pouches (for storing seeds). It lives in a unique and dynamic environment, the habitat which forms in river bottoms between … [Read More...]

Featured Exhibit

Echoes of Silent Spring Exhibit

The museum will reopen Thursday, February 1, 2018.  In addition to the new renovations, the museum will reopen with a new temporary exhibit, “Echoes of Silent Spring: 50 Years of Environmental Awareness.”  In 1962, a publication alerted the people of the world to potential dangers in pesticide use and thus ignited a global … [Read More...]

Museum Updates

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 2018

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum’s much anticipated annual art exhibition showcases artwork made from recycled and reused materials in an effort to raise awareness about our “throw-away” society and its impact on the environment.  This is a community-curated exhibition, where adults, young adults, and children alike have the opportunity to … [Read More...]