Featured Event

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture – July 19, 2018

Be FRUITFUL and MULTIPLY - The reproductive  Life of Insects The reproductive lives of insects are as    diverse and interesting as the critters are themselves. Carnivorous children turn into vegetarian grown ups. Children are orphaned. Fathers are beheaded, mothers perfumed – everything is possible.     … [Read More...]

Featured Exhibit

Toys – The Inside Story May 24 – September 1, 2018

Peek inside some popular toys! Explore linkages, cams, pulleys and circuits. Steady your hands and win at Operation®! Activate different electrical circuits. Discover what makes Jack jump. Crank gears and make toys spin! Find out which mechanisms make toys move, and how! This exhibit was produced and is traveled by the Sciencenter, … [Read More...]

Museum Updates

Family Fun Day – July 28, 2018

Visit the GIANT TOY Arcade at this TOY-themed Family Fun Day! Enjoy a wide variety of games and craft activities for all ages as well as face painting, a scavenger hunt and explore the amazing “Toys - The Inside Story” exhibit.  This event is FREE and will keep the whole family engaged for hours! Arts & Crafts Treasure Hunt Face … [Read More...]