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Petroglyphs on Newspaper Rock, Utah, USA.

Brown Bag Lunch Lecture -August 18, 2016

Drawn on Stone with Tamara Serrao-Leiva Ancient art was left by people tens of thousands of years ago and is still largely debated among scholars and researchers.  Take a tour through Europe, Africa, and North America, to investigate the different types of rock art, how it was made, and what it could mean. Can we use modern “rock art” to … [Read More...]

Featured Exhibit

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Framed: Step into Art – opens June 9, 2016

Framed: Step into Art™ Enter the Framework of Famous Paintings Experience art like never before in Framed: Step into Art™. This engaging exhibit transports visitors to a world where paintings leap off the canvas and invite children inside the art experience. As visitors play and move through the exhibit, they are challenged … [Read More...]

Museum Updates


Family Fun Day – July 30, 2016

Visit Paris and the Louvre, and other art museums at this art-themed Family Fun Day!  Be a famous artist yourself. Enjoy a wide variety of arts and crafts activities for all ages as well as face painting, a sketch artist, a scavenger hunt, performances and explore the amazing “Framed: Step into Art” exhibit.  This event is FREE and will keep … [Read More...]