Brown Bag Lunch Lecture – July 16

Vandalizing the Past: Impacts of Graffiti and Vandalism on Rock Art and Historic Structures at Joshua Tree National Park

with Dr. Jason Theuer Chief of Cultural Resources at Joshua Tree National Park

Graffiti and vandalism on public buildings and private property is not a new occurrence. There is an innate human desire to leave our mark on the world around us. Ancient architecture from around the world bear the marks of people past and present. But what is the difference between “historic inscriptions” and graffiti? Just because its 50 years old, does that mean it is historically significant? Recently publicized incidents of graffiti have received significant attention on social media and in the press, but the park has suffered repeatedly from incidents of graffiti and vandalism for decades. The Cultural Resources Branch at Joshua Tree National Park has undertaken 3 major restoration efforts over the past decade to mitigate the effects of a variety of types of graffiti on prehistoric rock art and historic structures. Join park Archeologist and Cultural Resources Branch Chief, Jason Theuer, for a  review of recent restoration efforts and on-going efforts to deal with the vandalism of our shared cultural heritage.

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