Hatching the Past – ending September 20

This year the Hi-Desert Nature Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  In the course of the festivities the museum will show its first rental exhibit since 2009. “Hatching the Past” takes a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and embryos. “Hatching the Past” blends the arts and sciences with an astounding array of dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all over the globe, including those of each major plant and meat-eating dinosaur group.

The exhibit will be on display from May 30th through September 20th

Open Studio Art Tours Exhibit






Hi-Desert Nature Museum

“Art Tours Collective Show” Exhibition and Reception

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum is pleased to partner with the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council to host the “Art Tours Collective Show.”  This dynamic exhibition features the artwork of many artists participating in the Open Studio Tours being held October 25-26 and November 1- 2.  The Hwy 62 Art Tours encompasses all the arts of the Morongo Basin during the two weekend celebration showcasing music, performance and honoring the best in visual arts.  The Open Studio Tours allows the visitor to experience working studios and purchase original art directly from the artists.  The exhibition will be on view through November 29th at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum.

An exhibit reception will be held on Saturday, October 3rd, 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.   Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

Season of Light

On Display December 3 through December 20

December is a time when people all over the world celebrate holidays. Learn about the different customs of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Bodhi Day.

Discover the history and origins of the different holidays.


Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider – A California Indian Feast

on display January 8 – February 28, 2015

Celebrating traditional California Indian food sources “Seaweed, Salmon and Manzanita Cider” features historic and contemporary photos, baskets and other artifacts, food specimens, memoirs, and recipes of Native American cuisine. The exhibit also showcases the extensive and sophisticated system of environmental knowledge underlying California Indian use of food resources.

Call for Artists – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle




As part of our Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 18, 2015, the community is invited to contribute artwork made from recycled or reused materials for display in our “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” exhibition. Paintings, sculpture, mixed media creations, photographs of recycled products, or any other art-related objects can be loaned to the museum for display in the exhibition. Individual and group projects are welcome and children are particularly encouraged to participate.