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“War Comes Home” and “Letters from the Archives” Digital Exhibits

19 Sep 2020 - 23 Dec 2020

War Comes Home: The Legacy

Through private correspondence from almost every major conflict in U.S. history, War Comes Home offers insight into the thoughts and emotions of veterans and their families upon their homecoming. These intimate perspectives – from the Civil War era through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – reveal how war can shape a life, a family, and a community.

This digital exhibit is an adaptation of Exhibit Envoy’s touring poster exhibit.

“I’m coming home! I’m looking forward to seeing you again…but I’m in no hurry to see the expressions on your faces when you see me.”

-Private Al Puntasecca, letter to his family, 1953

Letters from the Archives

The Hi-Desert Nature Museum has collaborated with Palm Springs Air Museum and Morongo Basin Residents to produce “Letters from the Archives”.  The digital exhibit features a selection of letters written by servicemen during WWII and the first Gulf War’s Operation Desert Storm, which express themes conveyed by the exhibit, “War Comes Home: The Legacy”.  The exhibit also features an audio component, where you can hear local volunteers read the historic letters.

“I thought I’d try writing this letter on the typewriter but somehow or other it seems too business like and impersonal so I think I’ll continue on by hand.”

_John to Rosemary, 1945

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  • Date: 19 Sep 2020 - 23 Dec 2020
  • Location:Yucca Valley
  • Curators:Cal Humanities, California State Library, Exhibit Envoy, Hi-Desert Nature Museum, Palm Springs Air Museum
  • Duration:3 months
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