Botany at Home


Learn About Plants

Buy some herb seeds, think dill or basil, follow the instructions on the package and watch your yummy herb grow. While the seeds need some time to germinate and the plants will need time to grow, you can learn all about plants here. Have fun!

Make Plants Grow

Find  some dry beans or dry corn from the kitchen.  Follow the instructions and watch the seeds come to life. You can also use sandwich-sized plastic bags to germinate other seeds.  

growing plant

How fast you put this Puzzle together?

Beauty of Plants

Plant shapes are beautiful and there are many ways to make them visible.

Make sure to read the instructions before taking the sheet out of the bag and exposing it to light. 

Go outside and find some pretty plant parts to put on your sun print paper.  Figure out the arrangement, and then

Press Your Plants

Crafts for Pressed Plants

You will find a self-laminating sheet for two of these crafts in your discovery kit.