The Way He Shakes His Mane by Hannah Campbell ©

When He Shakes His Mane

Hannah Campbell Joshua Tree


The mane is the main part of the piece which is constructed out of recycled materials.  First, I cut used computer paper into squares and painted them with acrylic paint- brick red on one side and sun yellow on the other.  Each square was then rolled into a pointed cone, secured from the inside with tape, and taped on the point with decorative duct-tape.  Recycled business cards were cut into small bristles that were either taped onto the cone’s point or were glued in between, to fill out the mane and make it look more like hair.  Last, I layered them one on top of the other by size and glued them directly to the canvas.

  • Hannah Campbell
  • Painting, Paper Art
  • Used paper, old business cards, and a recycled canvas

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