Free Online Education

Neighborhood Biology

Each program includes reading, drawing and other creative activities for children of all ages, so team up with a friend or family member and go for it! All you need is a computer, a printer, access to open space (backyard is fine), and some common school supplies.  Each program consists of four parts that should be completed in numeric succession.

Botany at Home

Fossils and Dinosaurs

Learn about what makes plants grow. Make your own mini-greenhouse and use plants for beautiful decorations.

Always wanted to become a Paleontologist? This program is giving an introduction into Fossils and Dinosaurs.

All About Light

What is Art?

Light is made out of all the colors of the rainbow – see how you can make it visible. Construct a sun dial to tell time by the sun.

This program gives a short introduction into art history and some of the most important artist from every era.