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Abandoned Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: California Revealed

6 Jan 2024 - 16 Mar 2024


This exhibition is based on award-winning photographer, Ken Lee’s book, “Abandoned Planes Trains and Automobiles: California Revealed”, which is an unforgettable nocturnal journey through secret locations hidden in the deserts of California. California has more than its share of abandoned planes, trains, and automobiles. Famous for its aviation and aerospace, the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad, and car culture, California has long been at the forefront of transportation. Wander with Ken through rarely seen locations as he illuminates these forgotten scenes with light, creating haunting dreamlike exposures of several minutes or more. Immerse yourself in the experiences and adventures. Discover precisely how these night photos are created. If you are a fan of creative photography, transportation history, or vivid travel stories, this exploration of California’s abandoned planes, trains, and automobiles is for you.

  • Date: 6 Jan 2024 - 16 Mar 2024
  • Location:Hi-Desert Nature Museum
  • Curators:Ken Lee, Hi-Desert Nature Museum

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