Fossils and Dinosaurs

What is a Fossil?

Listen and read about the ways fossils are formed and the different kinds of fossils!

The most famous fossil hunter!

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Are you a dinosaur paleontologist?
Solve the Dinosaur Mystery!

You have found an unknown dinosaur skeleton and it might be difficult to put all the bones in the right place.

 Here are some helpful videos on how paleontologists work things out.

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How to find a dinosaur bone!

How to solve the dinosaur puzzle!

Write a Letter to a Friend

You might wonder what writing a letter has to do with fossils and dinosaurs.

You can visit just about any history museum and you’ll be struck by the impact a letter can have. Most things people owned throughout history have decayed into dust, but fragile pieces of old letters have been protected for generations because their words are worth reading again and again. Letters are a part of somebody’s history, like fossils.

For right now, writing a letter to somebody you care about will make you happy and be a wonderful surprise for the lucky person finding it in the mailbox.

How about sharing everything you learned about fossils and dinosaurs with a friend ?


Make your own fossils!