Permanent Exhibits

Natural History

The Natural History Wing offers an excellent overview of Mojave Desert biodiversity
  • Desert Fauna Dioramas Visitors can see a wide variety of native animals in their natural habitat.
  • Insects of the Mojave An informative display for the hobby entomologist.
  • Desert Traces  A comprehensive display of skulls and scat that can be found on a desert hike.
  • Paleontology Specimens An introduction to fauna and flora from long ago.
  • Gems and Minerals The museum displays many rock and mineral examples from California and around the world.

Cultural History

The Cultural History Wing shares the stories of vibrant cultures associated with the Morongo Basin
  • Native American Culture Beautiful objects allow a glimpse into daily life of the Morongo Basin’s original residents. We also offer a critical look at how native cultures have been historically treated by museums. 
  • Early Settlers Items used by cattlemen and pioneers, everything from barbed wire to perfume bottles.
  • Mining in the High-Desert Tools of the trade and treasures found.

Our Giant Rock: A Community Touchstone in the Mojave

A digital exhibit and archive about Giant Rock, a 30,000 ton granite boulder located in the Morongo Basin

This interactive touchscreen exhibit encourages visitors to discover and explore the nuances that make Giant Rock a unique and cherished Morongo Basin landmark. Giant Rock is most notoriously known for the ‘giant’ personalities who lived near and even under it. However, it has also served as an intermediary for certain stories and events. The exhibit provides a series of interpretive narratives explaining these nuances while incorporating some never-before-seen images, documents, publications, and videos which help illustrate Giant Rock’s history.

“Our Giant Rock: A Community Touchstone in the Mojave,” was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities.