Science Saturday – January 25


With technology continually on the rise, computers have become especially popular in our world. Interestingly, the most powerful “computer” in the world lies right inside our bodies! The human brain is like an extremely powerful computer that stores information and controls how we act. The brain is the center of the nervous system and controls our thoughts, movements, memories, and decisions. During this Science Saturday children will learn about the structure of the brain, its storage capacity that we like to call the memory, and a few fun brainy facts.

Join us for days of discovery during Science Saturdays! These programs will ignite your children’s curiosity by presenting information and performing experiments relating to biology, earth science and chemistry. All programs will be facilitated by our Museum Educator. It is recommended that children be of school age for this program.

Time:    11:00—11:30 a.m.

Cost:     FREE!

No pre-registration required